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    De Broodfabriek
    Volmerlaan 12


Pasar Indonesia Raya (Pandora) or formerly known as Pesta Rakyat (2012-2016) or Pasar Raya (2017-2018) is a major cultural festival initiated by Indonesian Embassy in The Hague that marks the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day. This event reflects the happiness of the Indonesian people celebration and also the richness of its traditions and cultural heritage that is presented in three main activities in the festival:
Culture, Musical Performance and Culinary Experience.
Different from other Pasar Malam or other Festival Events, Pasar Indonesia Raya requires no entry ticket.
This event is FREE for everyone to visit and attracted more than 7000 visitors in average per day.
This what makes Pasar Indonesia Raya so Special.

Authentic Indonesian Products

Pasar Indonesia Raya is a perfect marketplace where you can find authentic Indonesian Products or Services. You can find many traditional products, handicrafts, artworks and many other things from the original sellers.

Cultural & Musical Performance

Pasar Indonesia Raya is not only about marketplace. It is a festival by nature, it is a people celebration, where people can enjoy performances from Indonesian artists and entertainers. Everyone is invited to sing and dance together.

Indonesian Culinary Experience

Indonesia is rich of its culinary tradition. Many people here love Indonesian food, and come to this kind of event for that purpose. Pasar Indonesia Raya is the perfect place for having the authentic Indonesian culinary experience.


Latest News

Credit to Adi Zitter for the video footages
for Video Pasar Raya 2017 and Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019 video trailer

FAQ About Pasar Indonesia Raya (PANDORA)

You can register as tenant, participant or contributors by using the online from provided in this website. Just follow this link.

If you have any other inquiries, or questions regarding the registration process, you can contact the organizing committee of Pasar Raya, by using the contact form beside this column or by using this following contact information:

  • Email: organizer@pasarindonesiaraya.nl
  • Facebook Message: https://www.facebook.com/pasarindonesiaraya

The event will be held in this following address:
Volmerlaan 12
2288 GD Rijswijk
The Netherlands.

The get the route information, you can visit this page:
De Broodfabriek route information

or by using the google map route finder by following this link, and enter your location:
Google Map route finder

Yes it is free for everyone.

However we also open to any donation or contribution for this event.
Are you interested to be a sponsor, then you can check this link.

Opening Hours Pasar Raya Indonesia 2019:

Friday, 13 September 11:00 – 22:00
Saturday, 14 September 10:00 – 22:00
Sunday, 15 September 10:00 – 20:00

Pasar Raya is an authentic “Indonesian people market” that is held as an annual people festival that marks the celebration of Indonesian National Independence Day.
The organizer of this event is mainly from the Indonesian embassy itself aimed to mainly Indonesian people and diaspora who is living in the Netherlands. But also to any people who are interested to Indonesian cultural festivities and Indonesian cuisines.

And the best thing of all is that the entrance is completely Free ( other similar event you need to pay for entrance ticket )

The main initiator and main organizer of this event is Indonesian Embassy in The Netherlands. The Indonesian Embassy event management team is supported by event organizing committee that is coming from third party Indonesian professionals and volunteers who is living in The Netherlands.
For this year, the event Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019 is co-organized by Anak Pagi Foundation event organizer.

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Any questions, remarks, inquiries and inputs for Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019 are welcomed