T-Shirt Pasar Raya Indonesia 2018

T-Shirt Pasar Raya Indonesia 2018

We are selling Pasar Raya Indonesia 2018 merchandise T-shirts for only €12 one color, and full color €17

Order can be done via IndEx website ( follow the link below ):


or via email: sales@pasarraya.nl or via Facebook message.

Order will be made after payment received. You will have it at the PRI 2018 event.

Please put the order before 10 September 2018.

If we received many order we will also made on stock to be sold at PRI 2018
Size: XS,S,M,L,XL

T-shirt Specification:
1. 100{d5289114b44acfe4b27cb73c3eaee5cc25579354c9683e58e8072705064e2a07} cotton
2. 165 gr

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