Information Technical Meeting I

Information Technical Meeting I

Information Technical Meeting I for Tenants

Hereby we would like to inform you regarding Technical Meeting I for the event Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019.

The meeting will be held on:
Tuesday, 20 August 2019
at 10:00 AM 
(in the morning)

The meeting will take place in:
The Indonesian Embassy
Tobias Asserlaan 8
2517 KC Den Haag

Important notes for tenants:

1. Attendance in Technical Meeting I is required !
You receive this invitation email, this means you have passed our administrative screening process and your placement as tenant for the event is already confirmed.

All tenants (product and food bazaar) are required and obliged to attend the meeting.

In case you can not attend the Tecnical Meeting for some reasons, you need to appoint a representative. Please contact and confirm this with the organizer in advance.

Tenant who does not show up during the Technical Meeting I, without any prior confirmation, will be considered as resignation.


2. HACCP Certificate

Since 1995, all Horeca businesses in The Netherlands, and any institutions who prepare, treat, process, sell or serve food and drinks in public domain are legally obliged (wettelijk verplicht) to practice the safety regulation codes following the HACCP procedure. This rule also applies for any temporary events selling food to public.

Indonesian Embassy and The Organizer want to assure all tenants are able to follow the regulation and guideline of the safety and the hygiene codes to minimize the risks of any potential food hazard, complaints and other legal problem with the local authority (Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit).


For the food tenants who did not yet send the copy of the certificate, can bring it during the Technical Meeting and deliver it to the organizer.

Some tenants (who don’t have the certificate yet) have already confirmed to the organizer of their willingness to follow the course and obtain the certificate before the event.


 2. Identity Photo(s) 

Please bring Identity photo(s) of the person(s) who will work in your stand during the event (photo size 3×4 cm). The photos are needed to produce ID cards of the participants.
The ID card is a unique identity card that will be attached to a single person and not interchangeable with multiple persons.


3. KvK & Verblijfsvergunning

The event is held outside the Embassy area, therefore the compliance with the local government’s regulation is becoming very important. This includes legal status of tenants’ business and workers’ residency in The Netherlands. Indonesian Embassy and The Organizer put emphasis that all legal aspects and local regulations should be properly met by all participants.

Tenants who his/her business is registered in Dutch Chamber of Commerce, can show their KvK uittreksel to the organizer during the Technical Meeting.

Copy of the residence permit status (verblijfsvergunning) of the workers in the stand can also be delivered to the organizer during the Technical Meeting.


4. Payments

The payment for the tenant participation costs can be completed after The Technical Meeting I. Tenants need to prepare the payment for the stand pricethe electricity cost, and the deposit ( € 150 per stand )
This deposit will be returned to the tenant after final inspection of the condition of the stand after the closing of the event.

This year The Organizer will not receive any cash. The payment should be made via bank transfer.The organizer will send you invoice with the bank account information before the Technical Meeting I

We hope that we have informed you sufficiently.
In case you have any questions you can contact our event organizer team at the email:organizer@pasarindonesiaraya.nl


Our regards !

On behalf of organizer team Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019,
Indonesian Embassy, The Hague | Anak Pagi Foundation

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