Imformation Update for Tenants

Imformation Update for Tenants

Information and Updates for Registered Tenants

1. Tenant Registration and screening decision
During the registration process, we have received the number of tenant registrations higher than what we expected. This situation resulting in some later tenants need to be listed in our waiting list. Especially for food bazaar booths that had to be hold only one day after the registration opened.

The registration for tenants is currently already officially closed for public since 8 August 2019.

Up to this moment, The organizer team together with the internal committee in the Embassy have been working carefully on checking each registrant data, and the compliance with our regulations, terms and conditions.
Direct communication and confirmation with each tenant had also been made by the organizer team either via telephone, email or both.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that some tenants, in the end must be disqualified because they do not meet the requirements based on the regulations that we have set.

The final decision from this screening process and the placement of the selected tenants will be informed by next week after 13 August 2019.


2. Technical Meeting Reschedule
During our earlier announcement we informed you that  First Technical Meeting was tentatively scheduled on 16 Agustus 2019.

Due to the load of activities during the week to prepare the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day in the Embassy,  hereby we need to inform you that  First Technical Meeting will be rescheduled to the week after(tentatively 19 or 20 August 2019). Exact date will be informed later by the Indonesian Embassy after 13 August 2019.

Organizer will send official information and invitation for the Technical Meeting to each tenant via email. The information and announcement will also be published in our website and social media channel.


3. Stand Placement
We understand that each tenant wants to get the perfect place for their own benefit. Organizer and embassy received many requests and questions regarding this topic.

Based on the regulation it is clearly stated that the placement and layout of the booth will be decided by the organizer and the internal committee in the Embassy. This is to achieve smooth and comfortable flow of the visitors and for the common benefit of the event.

We assumed that each tenant has already read and understood this regulation before applying as tenant.

Floor-plan or lay-out will be openly informed to tenants by next week or during First Technical Meeting.


4. Payment
Payment for stand should be made after the First Technical Meeting. Payments can be made via bank transfer or by cash after the First Technical Meeting. More information regarding this will be informed later.


Our regards !

On behalf of The Organizer Team Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019,
Indonesian Embassy, The Hague | Anak Pagi Foundation

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    Geachte lezer, kunt U ons ook een tijdschema geven op welk tijdstip deze artiesten optreden.

    alvast bedankt vriendelijke groeten Walter Borsje.

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