Regulations, Terms and Conditions Bazaar Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019

Regulations, Terms and Conditions Bazaar Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019

Regulations, Terms and Conditions Bazaar Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019

Regulations, Terms and Conditions Bazaar Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019

A. General Terms & Conditions of the Bazaar

  1. Indonesian Food and Products Bazaar this year will be held on 13 – 15 September 2019, indoors, in the Broodfabriek, Rijswijk, following these time schedule:
  • Friday, September 13 : 11: 00-22: 00
  • Saturday, September 14 : 10: 00-22: 00
  • Sunday, September 15 : 10: 00-21: 00
  1. All Participants must fully participate in the Bazaar during all the time scheduled above.
  2. The Participants should not display anything that have explicit political tendencies and / or nuances of racism, religious – ethnic group – specific group contempt or other sensitive topics.
  3. The Organizing Committee and Participants must maintain proper manner and courtesy during the selection process (screening) of prospective participants and during the whole bazaar event.
  4. The Organizing Committee has the right to randomly take food samples to test and ensure the hygienic quality standards of the food served during the event.
  5. The Organizing Committee has the authority to adjust the Bazaar Rules and Procedures, as necessary, to make sure the event successful.

B. Obligation of the Participants in the Bazaar

B.1. Administrative

  1. Since the event Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019 will be held outside the premise of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, all participants must follow and comply with the local government regulations regarding sales activities of commercial products and food in public areas.
  2. Participants are the people who live in the scope of work area of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague: that is, the Netherlands area.
  3. Participants must conform and follow the decision of stand placement arranged by the Organizing Committee during the Technical Meeting.

Decisions on the stand placement and location determination CANNOT BE INTERFERRED.

  1. The Organizing Committee will hold two times Technical Meeting meetings for the Participants.
    The first Technical Meeting objectives:

    • Determining the location of the Participant’s stand (The decision of the location determination by the organizing committee cannot be interfered.).
    • Payment of tenant contributions.
    • General Bazaar regulations, terms & conditions briefing.
  2. The second Technical Meeting objectives:
    • To provide more detailed information regarding technical arrangements such as dropping zones, Bazaar security and picking-up event participants ID card for security check.
  3. Participants are required (obliged) to attend both meetings.

B.2. General Terms and Conditions for Payment: (as mentioned in the invoice)

  1. Proof of payment is required together with signed agreement letter to confirm your participation as a tenant in the event Pasar Indonesia Raya 2019.
  2. Once the payment is made, your registration is fixed. No payment refund is possible for the stand upon cancellation as tenant for any reason.
  3. The deposit will be fully refunded only if the organizer can not find any problems or physical damages in the stand after the event. (More detailed explanation can be found in section C.1 in this document).

B.3. Preparations:

  1. Participants must follow the schedule for dropping of goods, equipment and vehicles arrangements (for loading unloading) that have been prepared by the Organizing Committee.
  2. Participants must put on identification tags provided by the Organizing Committee on the vehicles used for dropping and loading.
  3. Participants are prohibited from leaving the vehicles on public roads unattended at the time of dropping.
  4. Bazaar Participants are expected to decorate their respective stands. Please avoid using nails in the tents. Participants are also prohibited to use glitters and confetti as they would stick to the carpet.
    If damage occurs, a fine will be imposed by the Tent Provider and the Organizing Committee will charge the amount to the Participants.
  1. Parking rules and conditions follow the conditions and fees determined by Broodfabriek (€ 5 / day in the P2 area) or in the area around Broodfabriek according to the availability.

B.4. Safety and Hygienic:

  1. Food Bazaar Participants are required to possess HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certificates.
  2. Bazaar Participants must maintain the health and hygiene of any food / drinks and the environment around the stand. Regarding to this rule, participants must understand and implement the HACCP hygiene codes.
  3. Food Bazaar Participants must fill in food temperature measurement forms every day before the bazaar opens. During the day the food re-check will be performed by the Organizing Committee staffs in charge.
  4. The Organizing Committee will take firm action as necessary if we found food products and serving procedure that do not meet hygiene and HACCP standards.
  5. It is strongly prohibited to throw food leftovers directly into the wash station, to avoid clogging or damage in the washing station.
  6. We advise you to bring your own fire extinguisher tube as a quick fire prevention.

B.5. Equipment:

  1. Bazaar Participants can prepare their own equipment such as an electric stove, tablecloth, trash can in the stand area, chairs, and other furniture or equipment according to their individual needs.
  2. Cookware must meet the requirements: It is not allowed to use cooking utensils or heaters with a gas stove or open flame, and only allowed to use electrical appliances.
  3. For Food Bazaar Participants who need cold storage or refrigerator are required to provide the equipment themselves – independently. To assure the freshness of the food until the next day, all Participants are required to make sure the refrigerator is still on and operating properly before leaving the Bazaar area.
  4. The use of electricity in the stand is the responsibility of Participants. The electricity can be ordered during the registration following the Broodfabriek standards: a maximum load of 6 × 3500 watts (32 amperes) at a price of € 150 or maximum 3500 watts (16 amperes) at a price of € 35. Participants are not allowed to bring their own generators / power generation machines inside the Bazaar area.
  5. Participants are not allowed to bring extra tents or extra furniture that exceed the allocated stand area for each Participant.

B.6 During the Event:

  1. Participants are fully responsible for the products sold, both food and non-food products.
  2. Participants are fully responsible for fines imposed by the authorized officer or local government agency if a violation of law or regulations is found.
  3. Bazaar Participants are not allowed to sell mineral water, infusion water, soft drinks, juice, tea, coffee or other warm drinks but are allowed to sell mixed drinks such as cendol ice, mixed ice, shanghai ice and other concoctions.
  4. Bazaar Participants are required to maintain the security of their stands. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any damage, loss of either the money or any valuable belongings of the Bazaar Participants.
  5. Bazaar Participants are requested to serve buyers who are using food coupons provided by the Organizing Committee. Food coupons that have been collected can be exchanged (refund) to the appointed Officer / Treasurer of the Organizing Committee or Indonesian Embassy after the event.
  6. The Organizing Committee provides clean water facilities according to Broodfabriek standards.

B.7. The Closing of the Event

  1. Bazaar Participants are prohibited from causing any damage, moving or dismantling the tent themselves without any permission from the Organizing Committee.
  2. Bazaar Participants should bring home heavy equipment used for the bazaar such as personal chairs, stoves, cooking utensils etc. (do not leave or throw them at the bazaar) and please leaving the tent in the condition as before using it.
  3. Any minor or severe injuries during the event are the responsibility of the cause.
  4. Participants are prohibited from bringing home or exchanging any rental stand properties (such as table and chairs) those are provided by the Organizing Committee.
  5. Used cooking oil should be brought home by the Participants themselves since the container for oil waste is not provided in the event venue.
  6. Participants are fully responsible for sales taxes occur in the transaction during the Bazaar event.

C. Sanctions / Fines

  1. Sanctions / Fines for violating Bazaar Rules and Regulations which are imposed on Participants, can be in the form of:
    • Charges for any damage to the stand / tent. The amount depends on the assessment from the Tent Provider. Charges of losing any rental equipment provided by the Organizing Committee
    • Participants are required to pay € 150 per stand as deposit guarantee. This including: the imposition of cleaning costs if there is found waste that has not been disposed properly; used cooking oil that is left in the venue; stand / tent damage or loss and any damage to facilities provided by the Organizing Committee due to participant carelessness; electricity usage exceeds what was paid. This security deposit can be refunded after the final check by the authorized officer has been completed.
    • Excluded from the Bazaar activities for the following year.
  2. Other legal fines / sanctions from the Dutch government due to violations of HACCP, Dutch Taxation, Immigration, are entirely the legal responsibility of the Bazaar Participants. The Organizing Committee and the Indonesian Embassy have performed any necessary inquiries and checks to prevent any potential violations.

The Organizing Committee may at any time disqualify any Participant who has committed the violation to the regulation.

Den Haag, 25 Juli 2019

The Organizing Committee,

Embassy of Indonesia | Anak Pagi Foundation

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